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Bats in the Roof!

Bats getting into the roof in Madison MS
More unwanted guests in need of eviction. Critter Control offers the best and most ethical bat exclusion service in Central Mississippi.

Bees on the Roof!

Honey bees can find any location to make a home, and sometimes they borrow yours!

Securing the Living Spaces

Rodents and Rats can get into any crawl space or Attic. We take care of this by sealing off and blocking access to these areas of your home.

Squirrels in the Attic

James is showing us how he stopped the critters from crawling into the attic.

Raccoons on the Roof

Raccoons are known for getting into tight spaces no matter how big the Raccoon is. We are sealing up a known entrance here.

Rat Snakes

A large, moderately stout snake attaining a maximum length of about 101 inches. The gray rat subspecies is slightly smaller than the black rat, attaining a maximum length of only about 84 inches. The black rat snake is more common in north Mississippi and Alabama, while the gray rat snake is more common in the south.

Protecting your Home from Bats

Most often bats find their way into homes through cracks and crevices in building materials. Their small size makes it easy for bats to tuck themselves into even the smallest of gaps. They can squeeze through holes as small as 6 millimetres or about the size of a dime.

Cotton Mouth

Common statewide. Occurs in most aquatic habitats, but reaches greatest abundance in Coastal Plain swamps. The only venomous aquatic snake in North America. Includes subspecies A.p. piscivorus (eastern cottonmouth), A.p. conanti (Florida cottonmouth), and A.p. leucostoma (western cottonmouth).

Attic Rats

The Roof Rat. The Roof Rat (Rattus rattus Linnaeus) is smaller in size than the Norway Rat. ... It is a more skittish rat than the Norway rat, being sensitive to any new change in the environment. They are common rodents in attics if found inside. Many times, you may hear them in the walls or attic area.

Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons often crawl around in our attic, but knowing how to remove them is key. This was a 1 way valve for the Raccoon Attic Exclusion

Protecting your Mushroom Vents

The vents on your roof are just another way that wildlife can invade your property. Adding the small protection is just another level of preventative maintenance.

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