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Nuisance and Damages

It is true that the nuisance and damages that can be incurred by pesky critters in your home can be substantial, but the same animals can cause even more of a problem at a business. This is due to the fact that businesses usually have a higher value of damages associated with nuisance animals because of potential loss of inventory, expensive equipment damages, loss of jobs, loss of revenue, and potential public health risks.
Critter Control

Search and Relocate

The professionals at Critter Control are trained in the habits of all Mississippi wildlife species, which translates to an effective search and relocation of the animals creating a nuisance at your business. They are also trained in the humane capture and relocation techniques which can help you feel at ease concerning the eradication of the animals from your business.

Not only will the animals be relocated, but the “weak points” in your building will be addressed, all entry points will be sealed up, and preventive work will be done to ensure the animals do not gain entrance again.

Don’t wait until the situation has become out of control! If you suspect that scaly or furry friends have decided to take up residence in your business, call us today!

Critter Control
Critter Control

Humane and Effective Services

Critter Control is dedicated to providing effective, yet humane, animal control services. Our solutions are aimed at providing immediate relief, as well as a long-term solution. We take care of the pest problem, clean up any damage, and then find a way to prevent the problem from happening again.

Critters and animals can be a nuisance even if they aren’t in your home or office. Sometimes flocks of birds, packs of animals, or even the random stray critter can pose a problem in your city. Whether you need help getting rid of a raccoon that has been hanging around the local playground or a skunk that has taken up residence near a school, we can handle the needs of any municipality. If you aren’t sure what’s causing the problem, we will be sure to find a solution and put a stop to future problems.

Not only are our solutions effective, but they are affordable. Call us today to get a quote for your animal control problem. We will assess the damage in person, create a plan of action, and then get to work.

Preventing Future Problems

Once we have removed any pests from your home or office and then repaired any damage the pests might have caused, we will make sure the problem never happens again. In order to make certain you never face another infestation or wayward animal, we can implement prevention techniques to keep you safe.

As for insects and other pests, we will completely eradicate them (and their eggs). Complete extermination is one of the best ways to ensure insects and arachnids don’t return. But we don’t stop there. We will also assess your property and find ways to make another infestation all but impossible. And for the larger animals, we will help you understand why certain animals are drawn to homes or offices and give you tips and tools to make sure they never return.


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