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Gutter Guards by Gutter Lock

Gutter Guards

by Gutter Lock

The environment in which you live is the most important factor for determining the best gutter guards for your home.
When we visit homeowners, prior to providing an estimate for gutter guards, we will make note of the types of trees you have and how they impact your gutters. We will also address any potential pest and rodent issues. What’s more, we look at technical considerations, such as gutter style, roof types, downspout placement, and the integrity of your exterior siding, fascia boards, and wood trim to help determine the best gutter guards for you. Finally, how does weather in your region impact what you should do?

You’d probably agree, the only way to pick the best gutter guards for your home is to properly assess and analyze your individual situation. Seeking guidance from an experienced gutter guard installer ensures that you won’t waste your money by choosing the wrong gutter guard. Selecting the best gutter guards can be a daunting process, but don’t worry, we’re here to help and guide you.
Gutter Guards by Gutter Lock


by Gutter Lock

MasterShield, show me the water
You might be surprised that a gutter guard with such a fine screen can handle high volumes of water, but MasterShield draws water through the tiny screen openings while effectively shedding leaves and debris. If you’re looking for a gutter guard that will handle large volumes of water while keeping out all leaves and debris, look no further than MasterShield.

MasterShield can withstand 20 lbs of material on its surface and up to 4 feet of snow and ice. Whether you live in a heavily wooded area or a cold climate, rest assured that MasterShield is up to the task of protecting your gutters and home year round. Unlike PVC and plastic gutter guards, MasterShield’s aluminum frame will not collapse, warp or deteriorate.
Gutter Guards by Gutter Lock
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